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jeudi 16 février 2012

blog en chinois sur le commerce International

Blog en chinois sur le commerce International

Interview du blogueur 国际贸易

Please introduce yourself

Hello! I'm Philip or Qian Yichen 钱一辰 (in chinese), work on marketing in french company. I got my bachelor degree as a technical English student, so my advantage is language. After graduation, I went to an automation control system company, working as a sales support there. After that, I came to CMF where I have been staying for nearly 1 year.

Explain your first Mission in this french company?
When I joined this company, my position was marketing assistant. My task that time was learning the basic technical knowledge, translating technical and promotional materials. Another task is to start the Chinese version of the website construction and maintenance, including the professional introduction of products, such as the introduction of roll-bending machines and welding machines. In addition, according to the experience already have, I also collected the information about the customers via network, exhibition, etc. Then I will visit those customers.

Explain your current mission, the evolution.
Now my title is sales support, the main responsibility of which can be divided into four parts. The first is market research; especially in the new markets we have experience in and to find potential customers from it. The second is business development which includes establishing contacts with potential customers, visiting them, and makes technical discussion. The third is to marketing tools which include making videos, presentations, product catalogs, etc. according to the special requirements of local customers.
The fourth Chinese Web site maintenance and optimization which means help customers find us from the Internet more easily. Now, from the web, we can get averagely of 3, 4 quotations per month.

What did you choose to Join CMF?
I chose this job for mainly 3 reasons:
1. my English advantage can be helpful to this company.
2 CMF clients are the leaders in their fields, so the CMF should also be the leader in his industry.
3. This french company has just entered Chinese market, facing many challenges which mean it will give me a lot of opportunities. And that’s pretty much the fact.

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