mardi 12 juin 2012

Chiffres intéressant sur l'industrie de Textile en Chine

Chiffres intéressant sur l'industrie de Textile en Chine

La majoriré des chiffres provient de ce site Marketing China sur cet article. consomption China

1. Loyauté de la marque
brand loyalty
Les chinois sont loyales à une marque

2. influences
influence of commercial
Two in three women claim they will not be influenced by commercials. The effect of direct marketing in China now is becoming weaker. So underground marketing seems a good choice. In fact, the leaders of the market have already adopted underground marketing as an unseperable part of their strategy. 
media credibility

Most women trust magazines, TV and portal website much more than the others. For companies with big budget, magazines and TV are good choice and cost-efficient portal website is suitable for all the companies.

4. influence of PR
influence of PR

The women influenced by PR are three times more than those not influenced. It shows how important PR communication is in cosmetics field.

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